Former Congressman Tom Allen’s Prediction on Trump!

Former US Congressman Tom Allen (D) at Hannaford Brothers, Portland, Today.

“I predict he (President Donald Trump) won’t run again in 2020 because he’ll be too damaged by the Mueller report.  It won’t be good.  He’s too tangled up with Russia and Saudi Arabia.  The obstruction of justice is a big problem, said former US Congressman Tom Allen, also an attorney,  late this afternoon at Hannaford Brothers, on Forest Avenue, Portland. 

Allen, 73,  represented southern Maine in Washington, D.C.for twelve years – from 1997 until 2008.  Following that stint, he served as an advocate for a book publishing association.   Since then he has retired in his hometown of Portland.

Early on in the Trump administration. Allen also predicted to this blogger that Trump would not last because Republicans would not continue to support him once the tax plan was pushed through.

“I think this prediction will work, but I have been wrong before,” he said grinning, before he took off to continue his grocery shopping at Hannaford’s.