Forage Market Expanding to Washington Avenue March 2018


Forage Market, Lancaster Street, Lewiston, is Expanding to Munjoy Hill Next Year.

The Washington Avenue Space that Forage Market Will Occupy in March of  2018.  To The Left is A&C Grocery That Will be in the Shadow of the New Forage Market.

An Inside Look at Forage Market in Lewiston.

Zachery Anderson (L) and Drew Perlmutter, Bates College Students, Frequently Study at the Market.

Wonder no more!  It’s official!

Forage Market, a popular bakery/cafe with seating for about 25 people in Lewiston, is expanding its business to Munjoy Hill next year.  The six year old business will be occupying the  empty space in the former Creighton & Sons Building, 123 Washington Avenue – possibly by March of 2018.

The space in Lewiston is large with tables and chairs  interspersed around a large counter on the right side of the room.  In-house baked breads and bagels are the Market’s speciality. Bagels are its largest seller according to Market employees.  But it has a large selection of sandwiches, salads, soups and sweets among other items for sale.

“It’s a popular hangout for Bates College students,”  said Drew Perlmutter. (see below right photo)  “I come especially on weekends.  It’s a great place to study,” she said.

“I come here because it’s a cool place.  There are interesting people here.  It’s very warm and welcoming,” said Alex Thomas who was sitting at one of the tables with his laptop.  One of his favorite items to purchase is the cream cheese.

“A lot of Bates students work part-time here,” said Gabi Bradley as she was arriving at the Market this afternoon.  She is an English major at Bates and a junior there.  “I have friends who work here. Sometimes they sneak bread samples back.  Everyone who works here loves it and prefer to work here rather than at on-campus jobs despite the fact that it’s a long walk and a short drive here,” she said.

“They have amazing bagels here.”  In fact, last fall Saveur magazine named Forage bagels one of the best in the country.

Both the Creighton Sons Building and the J. J. Nissan Building on Washington Avenue are owned by Jed T. Harris.

(note:  according to a post on the Portland Food Map the new Forage Market will serve breakfast sandwiches and hand-made pastries in the morning and European style sandwiches along with soups and salads for lunch.)