First Ever Sled Box Derby on Eastern Promenade & First Annual Says Organizer O’Brien


Sammie O'Brien on Her Homemade Dragon Sled: "We'll Be Back Next Year!"

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 698)

The first ever Sled Box Derby took place on the Eastern Promenade on the Hill earlier today.  The unique event was organized by Hill resident Sammie O’Brien.  It ran from noon today until  interest  petered out – which was shortly after 2 pm.

O’Brien said it was a “great way to make the best of the winter time blues” that affect so many people this time of the year.  She announced the event on Facebook and Craigslist.  “I got a lot of responses about it, especially from Craigslist.”  She said it’s something she has wanted to do for years, but was finally motivated by the popular snowball fight held recently at Deering Oaks Park.

The only request to participate was that at least one person had to go down the Hill in their Box.  She encouraged participants to “be as creative as they could.”  Almost a dozen people showed up with their unique Sleds. Among the imaginative Boxes were a time machine and a ghost buster.  O’Brien said it took her 3 hours, 2 cardboard boxes and lots and lots of glue to make her own Dragon Sled.  Awards were photographs taken at the event as well as the memories created by the families who participated.

An enthusiastic Sledder was Jacelyn Livermore:  “We will make it bigger and better next year.”

“It was a good way to get together,” said O’Brien.  “We’ll be back next year.”

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