First Anniversary For Munjoy Hill News: Takes A Long Weekend Off To Look For Sunshine!

"Did You Say You Saw The Sun Shining Somewhere?"

"Did You Say You Saw The Sun Shining Somewhere?"

By Carol McCracken

Just so you know, today, June 30th, marks the first anniversary of the Munjoy Hill News!  The year started with a promise to proivde readers with community news in a light manner that does not take itself too seriously.  I think MHN has done a pretty good job of that.

It seemed like a good idea at the time since there was a scarcity of really local news about the Hill.  Things change.  Since last summer, “The Portland Daily Sun” has emerged with lots of hard sought after local news.  More recently, the “Portland Press Herald” has refocused itself to cover more local news than it did previously.  With all this local coverage, the good news is that there appears to plenty of news to go around!  MHN has found no scarcity of news; it has posted over 200 articles since beginning last June 30th. 

Most importantly, however, I want to thank each one of you who has been so supportive of what I’m trying to do here on this blog.  You know who  you and I believe you know how much it means to me personally.   I also want to thank each of you who already has or will in the future trust me enough to tell your story – hopefully as you want it told.  If you haven’t already figured it out from reading the blog, MHN has tried to be apolotical and focus on the other cultural aspects of the Greater Munjoy Hill Area!  There are plenty of other publications to cover the local political scene and MHN leaves it to them, happily.

With all of this said, MHN has given itself a Long Fourth of July weekend off – beginning now!  If you see a patch of sun somewhere, MHN will prbably be right in the middle of it – trying to soak it up.

Enjoy the Fourth and MHN will be back online after the Long Weekend!

Carol McCracken, Editor

Munjoy Hill News