Fair Rent Supporters Celebrate Placement on November Ballot This Evening


Cynthia Handley, a Resident of Stroudwater, Received The Good News From Her City Councilor, Brian Batson,  Late This Afternoon.

Jack O’Brien, a spokesperson for the non-profit With Meredith Cook (r) At the Rally Today.

Zack Anchors, a Princple of Fair Rent Portland, Hands Out Cookies in Celebration This Afternoon.

Supporters of the Fair Rent Portland referendum celebrated the good news this evening: That city hall has found a way to place the Fair Rent Portland referendum on the November 7, 2017.  The good news came in an email from City Councilor Brian Batson, to one of his constituents and also a volunteer with the non-profit:  Cynthia Handley, above left photo.

“We have found a solution to this and these referendums will be on the November ballot.  Please know this was not an attempt to snuff out the voices of the people.  From the moment this error was brought to our attention, we have been working constantly to find this solution.  Thank you,” according to the email from Batson to Handley. She read the email  to Jack O’Brien around 4:45 pm and the good news quickly spread throughout the growing crowd. Handley had received the good news from Batson about 45 minutes earlier.

It was Meredith Cook who officially delivered the good news to the crowd who applauded upon hearing the news emailed by councilor Brian Batson.  “This is just the start of addressing housing issues in Portland. The opposition will say lots of things that are not true,” she said.  Others in the circle expressed hope that this referendum will be the start of creating a community that will allow people of all incomes to live in Portland.  Others said supporters need to be aware that opponents of the referendum, especially the SMLLA, will spend a lot of money to distribute inaccurate information and confuse the issue.

O’Brien said:  “We are grateful that elected officials in Portland saw the outpouring from supporters for the inclusion of this referendum on the November ballot.  We hope everyone will vote yes on it.”

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