“Energy Tide 2” Spends Successful Four Days on Portland Waterfront; Returns to Eastport Tomorrow


Jim Mitchell of Eastport, Gives a Tour of the Tidal Energy System This Afternoon

Chris Sauer, CEO, of Ocean Renewable Power Company

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 810)

At a reception this afternoon near the Ocean Gateway,  Chris Sauer, CEO of Ocean Renewable Power Company, thanked the many who had made the stay of the Energy Tide 2 a successful four days  on the Portland waterfront.  During this timeframe, over 400 people had an opportunity to visit this pre-commercial tidal generation system.  “Maine is a great place to be located.  Contrary to what some people say, it’s also a great place to do business,” Sauer said during his remarks at the reception.

Sauer served on an advisory  steering committee for the International Ocean Energy Conference held this week at the Holiday Inn by the Sea.  In conjunction with that Conference, this energy source of the near future was brought down from Eastport, near where it was launched two years ago.   “This provided a way to show off our hard work.  Lots of people are talking about doing  ocean energy.   We are actually doing it,”  said Sauer.   This was a good way to complement the nearby  International Conference which drew people from fourteen different countries around the world. 

“The water pushes the foils which makes the turbines turn, which turns the generator, which makes electricity.  We hope by the end of the year to install the first unit that will be connected to the power grid.  Next year we hope to expand that project,” said Sauer.   Sauer was quick to point out that the “biggest success of our company is the team of very dedicated and professional people we’ve attracted.”  A trained engineer, this is Sauer’s third start-up company.  His focus has been on the environmental business.  He lives in the West End of Portland. 

Jane Hotchkiss, Renewable Energy & Envrionmental Consultant, Concord, MA. said:  “Tidal energy is now where wind was ten years ago.  Maybe even closer than that.”

Robert J. Harrington, Ph.D., P.G., Marine Hydrokinetic Energy Program Lead, of Santa Barbara, CA.  attended the Conference at the Holiday Inn because:  “Everyone is looking at renewable sources of energy.  It’s anticipated that in the not too distant  future, 10% of our global energy supply will come from wave and tidal resources.  It’s an enormous amount – it matches all the worldwide hydro power from dams.  Because of companies like ORPC this industry is taking off.  They are a leader in the industry.”  Please visit www.tetratech.com for more on Harrington’s employer. 

For more information on ORPC, please visit www.orpc.co.  The company headquarters are in the Old Port with field offices in Eastport and Anchorage, Alaska.