Eliot Cutler Et Al To Urge Senators to Protect the Clean Air Act; 11/30 Noon in Monument Square


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 643)

Eliot R. Cutler, recent Independent candidate for Maine’s Governor, will lead a celebration of the 40th anniverary of the Clean Air Act.  A group of local citizens, health professionals and elected officials will join Cutler in releasing a broad new coalition letter urging Maine’s senators to protect the Clean Air Act against attacks in Congress – which are expected at the end of the year.   The celebration happens Tuesday, November 30, at noon at Monument Square in downtown Portland.

Others who have signed on to the letter include the Maine Public Health Association, the American Lung Association of New England and the Maine Nurse Practitioners Association.  Joining Cutler will be Dr. Lani Graham, former director of Maine Bureau of Health, Representative James Campbell, U-Newfield, Representative Alex Cornell du Houx,  D-Brunswick.

Cutler is a lawyer and co-author of the 1970 Clean Air Act.

For more information, please call John Armstrong at 607 – 220 – 4632 or email him at john@greencorps.org