Another National Chain, Elevation Burger, Coming to Old Port By Spring


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,672)

Elevation Burger Moving to Old Port by Spring.

Elevation Burger Moving to Old Port by Spring.

A national chain of organic burgers, Elevation Burger,  is opening a restaurant in the Old Port within the next several months or so.  It will be moving to the empty site of the former Farmers’ Table, at the corner of Commercial and Dana Streets.  The popular restaurant allegedly closed down when the owners marriage fell apart according to someone close to the situation,  No other information is available at this time.  The chain has another venue in South Portland at the Maine Mall and that place will remain open.

National chains or their Maine counterparts appear to be flocking to the Old Port.  “Some major Old Port property owners are renting only to national companies,” said the Mole of the Old Port (previously introduced herein).  “They prefer the stability that national chains bring to the area and they are able to charge higher rentals. This attitude makes it tough on small local businesses looking for ‘location, location location.’ I think they want to make it into another Carmel-By-The-Sea,” he said frowning at the thought of the high-priced Calfornia resort community.  “I wonder what the Buy Local people think of  this. With fewer local companies, how can people buy local?” The Mole of the Old Port grabbed his favorite  Local Brew, his  fair share of marijuana and made a run for his tunnel for his trip to warmer temperatures before the weather gets miserable again.  He’s been hibernating recently because of the cold weather and  came up briefly to offer these words of wisdom before tunneling back South.

There is an unconfirmed rumor that another burger establishment is moving into the Exchange Street location where the former movie theater used to be located.  MHN is working to confirm that one.

“Too many fast food restaurants may be a negative for an upscale shopping district like the Old Port,” said business owner Joe Redmond upon learning the above.  All three burger establishments are at least affiliated with, if not owned by, national corporations.

Back on Munjoy Hill, Stella and Guy Hernandez, owners of the former BarLola restaurant,  are opening up another food venue is what is the current Hilltop Coffeeshop.  Details of the new spot are unavailable at this time.  The current Hilltop Coffeeshop is switching places with BarLola.  That move should begin to happen soon. Building owner for Unit 2 is R & J Paaaartners of Brooklin, Maine.