Medicaid Expansion Wins Huge Victory, “Beware of Biel”


Portland  Lost a  Good Person With a Lot of  Leadership Abilities When Joey Brunelle,  Was Defeated.   The Dirty Tricks Campaign Waged by Steven Biel was a Major Factor; Beware of Biel!

In an important city council race, councilor Jill Duson overcame her two challengers to win another term.  She won 43.70% of the vote with 8,597 votes.  Munjoy Hill resident Joey Brunelle came in second with 5,894 and 29.96% of the vote.  Bree LaCasse came in third with 26.334% of the vote at 5,182 votes.

Portland is stuck with Jill Duson for another term.  It didn’t have to be this way, either!  But thanks to the short-sighted ego of Steven Biel that’s where we are now.  When Joey Brunelle did not want his backing, Biel went out on his own revengeful journey. He recruited Bree LaCasse and she finished third in a three-way race.  She was a spoiler.  Biel used her.  Biel puts Biel first.  Beware of Biel Because it’s Biel for Biel!

The real winner in the election In Maine was the successful vote to expand  Medicaid coverage 70,000 low-income Mainers.  The measure won with 81.33 % of the vote with 17,402 votes.  Those opposed to the expansion of Medicaid numbered 3,996 votes.  It was a measure that Governor Paul LePage had opposed strenuously.  AG Janet Mills, who is running for Governor next year, supported the expansion.  Mark Dion – who is running for Governor as well, but who knows or cares where he stands!

For more election votes, please go to the city’s website.  Please visit previous post herein for more background on the city council race.