Washington Avenue Mini-Market Opening Mid-February


A Mini-Market Will be Opening at 131 Washington Avenue in Mid-February. 

Work is Under Way for a Mid-February Opening at a New Grocery Store.

A Close up of the Front Entrance of the New Mini-Market at 131 Washington Avenue.

The East End of Portland is about to welcome a mini-market to 131 Washington Avenue. The  A&CGrocery will serve Munjoy Hill as well as East Bayside.  Several markets in the past have closed.

This addition is one more step in the revitalization of the Washington Avenue corridor that is seeing spurts of growth as it lurches along!

An example is the former Casale’s Auto Body and Car Sales, 155 Washington Avenue, The property was sold several years ago to a young man who told mhn.com that he intended to develop the property to include a large bar/restaurant.  That didn’t work out.

The property was put up for sale and a man who told mhn.com last year he is a home developer allegedly bought the property.  Mhn.com met him several times on that property when he was meeting with consultants.  He said he was working on making the figures for a development work. He’d made an offer to the real estate company, but did not know if it would be accepted.  He also said he lived on Munjoy Hill and gave mhn.com his name, although it was not familiar to mhn.com. Later last year, a clearly Stressed developer chased mhn.com off  “private” property where he was once again meeting with a consultant.  Where does that stand, sir?!

According to the mini-market’s webpage, it will sell processed food, hand-crafted bread, fresh produce, groceries, beer, wine and dairy products. The building is owned by John Edwards and he has leased the business to someone unknown to mhn.com

The mini-market will have the amenities of a supermarket but downsized to fit the size of the building in which it is located. The venue has been undergoing an extensive restoration recently.  It appears that project is still ongoing.

The mini-market will be open seven days a week.