Double Standard Used by Portland Police Department?


Officer Christopher Crout has been charged with assault by the Attorney General that ocurred whlle he was on duty on May 2, 2021 according to a press release issued by Major Robert Martin yesterday.  This blogger immediately emailed Martin back asking for more details on the assault for which Crout has been charged.  No response was received yesterday. That email requesting details of the “assault” was sent because there were no details of the assault in the press release as is the usual practice of the Portland Police Department.

Crout has been charged with assault and issued a summons to appear in court on February 9th.  He is on paid administrative leave, but the public does not know the details of the assault.

Details such as street location of the alleged assault, the sex of the person(s) assaulted, was medical care required, and were backup officers called  for starters is always provided in these press releases.

This morning this blogger sent a second request for information on the assault to Martin. His email response was:  “We cannot release any details because it is a personnel matter.”  It may well be a personnel matter for others as well described in great detail in the many press releases sent out by the Portland Police Department as well.

Police covering for each other?

Is this how the underworked and overpaid police department should function?