Dogs of Munjoy Hill 2010 Calendar For Sale; $10.00 – Profits To Animal Shelter!


Woof Woof To All!

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 343)

There are so many calendars for sale this time of the year, that MHN decided to go out on a limb and promote one of her favorites:   DOGS OF MUNJOY HILL 2010.  What’s so much fun about the calendar, is that all the dogs photographed are ones that dog owner and photographer Barbara Feltes sees when she’s out walking her own dog around the Hill.

One of the ‘feel good’ features of this Dog Calendar is that all proceeds after printing expenses are paid, will be donated to the Animal Refuge League in Westbrook.  In fact, some of the dogs featured in the calendar were adopted from the Westbrook shelter itself.  One good turn deserves another.

Lucy is a basset hound/beagle that Annie Muller adopted from the Animal Refuge League three years ago.  “Lucy” is an escape artist,” says Muller.  She takes off so often that Muller, owner of “Awful Annie’s Pub” on Congress Street started putting a sign  in front of her Pub to alert folks of her escape.  Annie says that she gets loose and can’t find her way home because bassets “keep their noses to the ground.”  Lucy is also deaf  complicating her situation.  By the way, Lucy is “Miss March” on the calendar.  There are lots of funny Lucy stories which space does not allow MHN to reproduce here – just ask Annie!  “Everbody knows Lucy,” said Annie recently over the telephone.

Snickers is another dog spotlighted in the calendar who is from a rescue group.  His owner, Devon Wojcik, adopted him from the Beagle rescue group Tall Tails.  He’s eight years old.  Devon adopted him just over a year ago now.  “He’s a great pet,” Devon says.  Snickers was his oiriginal name and Devon now has become accustomed  to the name.  “After all, the name suits him.  He looks like a candy bar,” Devon said recently grinning.  Snickers came from a large and busy familhy in  the area that just couldn’t seem to fit him into their busy life style.  Snickers is “Mr. October” in the Calendar.

Other dogs featured in the calendar came from breeders.  Zip, “Mr. September” is one of those dogs.  Already accustomed to fame, his picture was blown up in the window of “Fetch” for a long time.  “Fetch” is the popular pet supply store that Kathy Palmer owns at 195 Commercial Street.  (Did you know that Fetch originally was located on the Hill on Congress Street?)  According to Kathy, she found Zip through Uncle Henry’s  from a nearby family that breeds Pugs.  He’s now nine years old.

Speaking of “Fetch” that is one business where animal lovers with a charitable intent this year can pick up a copy of the calendar.  Another business is Eli Phant on Congress Street, near the bottom of the Hill.  Pip, a Belgian Shepard, has his photo in the calendar as well.  He belongs to Sara and Peter of Eli Phant.   Each calendar is only $10.00 a piece.  And remember that $4.00 from each sale benefits the Animal Refuge League of Westbrook.

“WOOF,  WOOF To All From Cover Dog, Putty!