Another Coalition Says NO to Question 2; Frm. Gov. Brennan Agrees!

Former Governor of Maine Joe Brennan Walking on the Eastern Promenade Today.

Former Maine Governor and Attorney General,  Joe Brennan, (D), Said Recently He Does Not Support Question 2.  “The passage of Question 2 would not be good for the entire city of Portland. Frankly,  it’s insane.,” the Governor said shaking his head in disbelief.   A native son of Munjoy Hill, Brennan lives on the Hill Once Again.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,457)

What is that giant sucking sound you hear over Munjoy Hill these days?  No doubt it’s the sound of oxygen being sucked from the short-sighted and ethically challenged campaign of the Souls of Portland as they watch their campaign to prevent the redevelopment of 58 Fore Street falter in the face of overwhelming support for the opposition view.    Perhaps that’s because a few wealthy residents in the St. Lawrence Street area are the only ones to benefit from the success of the scenic view referendum – Question 2 – and voters have caught on to that red herring.

More than 20 Portland creative business owners and technology entrepreneurs are urging a “NO” vote on the Scenic View Referendum, Question 2, on the upcoming November 3rd city ballot according to a press release from Ben Dudley, Deputy Campaign Manager.

“Portland is quickly growing a national reputation as a great place to live, start a family and grow a business.  But Question 2 puts that reputation at risk by turning away hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity that will help create jobs and strengthen local economy, said Heather Sanborn, co-founder of Rising Tide Brewing Co., Portland. Sanborn is currently featured in a radio ad in opposition to Question 2.

“I believe that the creative culture of Portland is vital to the future success of the city.  That’s why I am voting NO on  Question 2,” said John Coleman, chairman and founder of the VIA agency.  “Question 2 will cripple the progressive growth our beautiful city needs by turning away sustainable, forward thinking and innovative development.  Let’s ensure Portland becomes the most beautiful, desirable and creative city in the world by voting No on Question 2.”

This coalition of creative business owners and technology entrepreneurs joins an already extensive list of opponents to Question 2, the Scenic View Referendum.  No wonder the Souls are g(r)asping at straws.  They need to try to  distract voters from their stumbling campaign to stop growth in Portland.

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