Councilors Approve “Healthy Air Resolution”

Is Too Early to Think Spring?

Is Too Early to Think Spring?

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,316)

Last night the Portland City Council unanimously approved its own resolution requesting that Congress protect and defend the Clean Air Act.  Portland’s resolution – the “Healthy Air Resolution.”  This vote makes Portland the 7th Maine city to pass similar resolutions that are home to almost 200,000 Mainers.

Portland’s resolution offers support for “the federal Clean Power Plan, stronger federal ozone standards and all national, state and community efforts to address the root causes of climate change and ensure healthy air for Maine families and businesses,” according to a press release issued by Carol Kelly, on behalf of the American Lung Association.

“I sponsored this resolution in order to send a strong message to our Maine delegation,” said City Councilor Jon Hinck.  “Maine people are paying the rice for pollution created elsewhere. We need Congress to level the playing field and support standards that will be strong and fair.  When our kids miss opportunities to learn, when our workers are out sick and when health costs go up for all of us, it’s slowing growth and job creation and suppressing Maine”s great potential,” said HinckHinck is a former activist with GreenPeace