Climate Change Activists Rally in Downtown Portland Today


Caitlin Kelly (L) and Ellie Berry (R) Holding up a Banner at Climate Change Rally at the Corner of Federal and Pearl Streets Today.  They Are From Brunswick.

Collins’ Empty Chair at Rally at Portland Public Library Several Years Ago.  Event Hosted by 16 Counties Coalition , a non-profit, on Senator No-Show.

Perrin Milliken, a Bowdoin College Junior Majoring  in Earth Science, Led the Rally in Songs. She is a Member of the Local Sunrise Movement, a National Youth Movement, Opposed to Climate Change, Looking to End the Corrupting Influence of Fossil Fuel Executives on Politics  and to Creating Millions of Jobs in the Process.

Jude Brcowoushi Said:
We stand to lose so much if Amy C. Barrett is Confirmed to the Supreme Court.”

Anna Siegel,  14,  Leader of the Maine Youth for Climate Justice Movement.

“Activists like to throw around the statistic that corporations are responsible for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions.  One of the only tools used to handle this is governmental regulations on corporations.  Regulations often do little when it comes to the emissions themselves, instead dealing with ‘efficiency’ or ‘reducing carbon footprint’ rather than bold and urgent limits on what companies can do.

However, some regulations, such as the Obama-era Clean Water Act kep drinking water safe for communities in a way that’s only common sense.  Our current Administration doesn’t care about common sense…..only cares about corporations and their rich benefactors and patrons,” said Anna Siegal, the leader of the Maine Youth for Climate Justice, this afternoon at a rally in Portland at the corner of Federal and Pearl Streets today.

“Quietly, the Trump Administration rolled back many important environmental regulations, including the Clean Water Act and set free corporations to wreak havoc upon people and the planet.  The words “climate change” were stealthily cleansed from government websites.

While Trump was bulling his enemies on Twitter, distracting us with his name-calling, climate policy regressed and weakened exponentially.  And it went beyond regulations, “Anna told a group supported by the Portland Housing Coalition and the Sunrise Movement.  (See below right photo).

“One news story in particular that sticks in my mind, though, a couple of weeks ago was when Supreme Court Justices Alito and Thomas criticized and threatened the 2015 decision that created protections and legality for gay marriage,” said Jude Brcowouski this afternoon.  “I’m afraid….especially if Amy Coney Barrett is on the court.  Because if she is, all of the threats we’re seeing right no – threats to the climate, the affordable care act, gay and trans rights – increase tenfold.  We are here today because of the 540,000 Mainers who have benefitted from the ACA.  For the LGBTQ+ community.  For immigrants and asylum seekers.  We stand to lose so much if she is appointed,”  said Jude.

“It is really important for us to be here today and let people know that this confirmation vote of Barrett should not be happening.  We need to make sure the public knows about it,” said Annika Moore, a sophomore at Bowdoin College and one of the organizers of the  rally today on Federal Street.

Furthermore, in an in-depth front page article in “The New York Times,” today, it was repeated that Democrats and others were alienated by her vote in favor of sending Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  “She has become a national punchline among liberals for what they see as her toothless. tut-tutting of President Trump, whom she is invariably ‘concerned’ about.  And she’s been out-raised $63 million to $25 million by her Democratic opponent, Sara Gideon, the speaker of the State House.”

In a survey conducted in part by “The New York Times” last month the same article reported:  “Fifty percent of Mainers said national issues, like which party controls the Senate, were most important to their Senate vote, while 41 percent said local matters, such as who can do more for Maine, were paramount.

In southern Maine, Collins has earned a reputation as “No-Show Collins” because she has never held a town hall meeting here.  Voters do have a right to ask her about her votes. Apparently she disagrees.  (See above left photo of her empty chair).

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