City Unveils New Web Site to Assist Employers in Transportation Planning; It’s


Judy Bauchard and Steven S. Hobart Receive Golden Gas Cap Award on Behalf of Maine Medical Center

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 806)

Early this afternoon the city unveiled a new website intended to assist  large employers find ways for their employees to find alternative forms of transportation – other than SOVs – single occupancy vehicles.  The website  went on-line this morning at 7 am.      

Back in 2008, the city began requiring a Transportation Demand Management Plan  (“TDM”) be submitted by large employers as part of their site plan – employers with more than  50,000 sq. feet and employers/institutions  serving more than one hundred employees or students.  Maine Medical Center was Portland’s first large employer to utililze  TDM and has received national recognition for it. 

At a press conference at the city hall, Steve Hobart and Judy Bauchard, Maine Medical Center, were awarded the first Golden Gas Cap award  by Mayor Nick Mavodones.  “There was always a small car pool at Maine Medicala Center, but when we built the last parking garage, there was a condition this be done as well,” said Hobart, a senior manager at MMC. 

John Peverada, city parking manager said:  “May times people find it difficult  to park in Portland.  This website will help reduce the demand on parking in the city.  Cars will always be welcome in Portland.  We are just looking for a way for people to alievate congestion in downtown Portland and save money in their transporation costs.”

The money for the webpage was paid for by a $20,000 grant from PACTS.

Employers are invited to please visit to learn more about this program.