City Supports Study for Transit Link to L/A; City Manager to Locate Funds for Study


City Manager Mark Rees to Locate Funds for Transit Study

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,263)

Last night the city council unanimously supported a resolution that could provide passenger transit service between Portland with Lewiston and Auburn.  Although it has not yet been determined whether the link would be by rail or bus service, the vote calls for the three cities to study and evaluate the feasibility of such a move.  This initiative is part of a broad collaboration between the cities to assist each other in addressing commuting, employment and economic opportunitiy goals.

“Studying the opportunities for passenger transit service between three of Maine’s largest communities is a great first step,” stated City of Portland Mayor Michael Brennan.  “A commuter service could help the city achieve its sustainability and transportation goals by reducing single-passenger trips as well as enhance the quality of life and employment opportunities for residents of the region.”

The resolution directs City Manager Mark Rees to work with Lewiston and Auburn and Transportation groups in the state to locate funding for a feasibility study and work towards further advancement of this transportation intitiative.  If a feasibility study finds the commuter transit service viable, the communities would be able to seek funds for implementation through the Federal New Starts and Small Starts Transportation Programs.  Lewiston and Auburn are expected to take up similar resolutions in the near future.