City Selects Company to Start Transition of Parking Lot to Park


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The city of Portland has selected Seabreeze Property Services to begin the long-term transition of the Amethyst Lot on the Portland waterfront into Portland Landing – a pet project of city manager Jon Jennings introduced by him several years ago.

In October the city sent out  RFPs and recently a committee selected Seabreeze from four options to proceed on a scaled back basis.

Back on November 14, 2018, Ethan Hipple, told the Economic Development Committee that the cost of the entire project would be $17.2 million.  Chair of the Committee, Councilor  Justin Costa and  Nick Mavadones, both conservative councilors, said it needed yet to be determined whether or not councilors approved of this expenditures for Portland Landing.  At one public meeting, Jennings said the funds for the project would come from the sale of the property of WEX headquarters on the waterfront.

According to the city’s RFP, the Interim Park will be a scaled-back version that provides “temporary park-like features at a much lower cost.  By implementing an ‘interim’ or ‘pop-up park’ on the site, the site will be activitated as a park while we continue to raise funds and public interest for the full park implementation in the future.”

Please see posts herein dated November 19, 2018 and October 10, 2019 for more background information on Portland Landing.