City Seeks Resettlement Coordinator to Assist Families at Family Shelter


A Resettlement Coordinator to assist families who are experiencing homelessness at the city’s Family Shelter is sought by the city of Portland’s Health & Human Services Department.  Many of these homeless have recently arrived in Maine and are seeking asylum.  This newly created position will coordinate reception and placement services to families as they arrive at the city’s Family Shelter  as well as ongoing adjustment, orientation and social services for eligible clients.  The Resettlement Coordinator will work closely with state partners, surrounding municipalities, community organizations, churches, property owners, service providers and various City departments to coordinate services and facilitate self-sufficiency among clients.  The position will assist with ensuring wrap around services are being provided to address the growing needs of the newly and recently arrived asylum seeking families through directing care coordination and referrals with municipal programs and external community partners.

The position is being made possible through the use of Community Development Community Block Grant (CDBG) funding provided by Cumberland County.  The position will be a project position that will be housed within the city’s Health & Human Services Department and will report to the Director of Health & Human Services.  It is anticipated that the $210,000. funding will fund this position for two years.

“The Resettlement Coordinator will help families find their way out of crisis,” said County Manager James Galley.  “But the position will also help these individuals get settled and established in the region bringing energy to our cities and towns and ultimately making us a stronger community.”