City of Portland Prepared for Infectious Diseases

Acting City Manager Sheila Hill-Christian

Acting City Manager Sheila Hill-Christian

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,199)

“Portland’s emergency preparedness partners continue to meet and share information to ensure al parties remain informed and connected so that they are ready to respond at all time.  At present, the risk of contracting Ebola is exceedingly low,” said acting City Manager Sheila Hill-Christian in a press release issued yesterday.

“Recommendations provided by the Centers for Disease Control indicate that health care workers should use standard contact and droplet precautions.  Our paramedics and emergency medical technicians use these standards routinely. Our history proves that with rigorous adherence to prescribed guidance we can care for the citizens and visitors of our city and ensure our employee’s safe return to their homes and loves ones,” said Fire Chief Jerome LaMoira in the same press release.

The Fire Department has inventoried supplies of necessary equipment to protect patients and the providers and supplies are sufficient based on current predictions.  “In an abundance of caution, I have directed fire department staff to order additional equipment supplies, in the unlikely event its use becomes necessary,” said LaMoria.

City officials want to remind the public that the only means to contract the Ebola virus is through direct contact with an Ebola patient or the bodily fluids of an Ebola patient.  With no active cases in the area the likelihood of contracting the disease is practically non-existent.  A much more prevalent threat is season influenza which may be prevented by obtaining a flu shot.