Chris Bowe Leaves Longfellow Books After Fourteen Years as Co-Owner

Longfellow  Books Under New Ownership; Chris Bowe Out!

Longfellow Books Under New Ownership; Chris Bowe Out!

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,444)

Last week, Ari Gerson, son of the late Stuart Gersen, a co-founder of Longfellow Books, acknowledged that  Chris Bowe was no longer an owner of the popular Longfellow Books, on Monument Way in Portland. The change in ownership took place recently Ari told this blogger at the time.  Chris is off looking for a “new chapter” in his life, said Ari.

Rumors had been circulating for months  of a rift between the Gerson family and Bowe, possibly enhanced by the death earlier  this year of Eastern Promenade resident Stuart Gerson, 64 years old.   Gersen and Bowe, were two former employees of the popular Bookland chain that dominated the area.   When it went bankrupt, the two  set up Longfellow Books back in 2001.

In recent years, Bowe had been at the store less and less frequently; working at home and staff members saying he was exhausted and taking a break from the workplace.. Bowe had a good sense of humor and will be missed!  For years, Bowe ordered the new books from book dealers while Gersen handled the financial end of the business.

Ari has a background in business consulting which he said will be useful in his new role at Longfellow Books.  His sister, Julia, a former employee there as well, has gone on  to graduate school for post college studies.

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