Chocolate Lovers Boutique Now Open on West End


Catherine Wiersema, chocolatier, at Chocolats Passion, on the West End of Portland.

A Sample of One of Her Products for Sale Using Packaging Purchased in Japan Recently.  “I love Japanese Designs,” Catherine said.

Catherine Wiersema, Chocolatier, With Anne Marie Clos, Visiting US From France, Now Living in Sicily.

Catherine Wiersema grew up in France where she loved making chocolate from an early age.  That’s a passion that has only grown and flourished into a boutique that opened last Wednesday at 189 Brackett Street on the west end of Portland – Chocolats Passion.

Although its roots came from France, it was developed in Boston in an on-line business.  Over a year ago, Catherine moved to Portland to start-up a chocolate boutique.  “We also wanted to be near our daughter who lives in the area,” she said.

Catherine has seven core flavors she works with. “It’s important to be seasonal.  It’s key,” she said.  For example, she went to Maxwell Farms on Cape Elizabeth to pick strawberries.  She will use them to make strawberry puree for the filling.  Her chocolates are a balance of flavors at which she has years of expertise and education.She clearly enjoys putting it all together in attractive packaging.  Assisting her, Catherine has a pastry chef who works part-time as a co-chocolatier.

“Cleanliness is crucial to me.  I do everything by the book,” said Catherine who is a delight to meet..  Her chocolates are absolutely an amazing experience, this chocolate lover promises.

Chocolats Passion is open Wednesday – Sunday from 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm.  The other days of the week are spent in production.

Please visit the website at: for more information.

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