House for Sale on Munjoy Hill With Ties to Movie Director John Ford


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,538)

So charming is this home dating back to 1874 on the Hill, that it’s easy to overlook all of its assets that are important to a future home owner. From the almond colored exterior at 92 Sheridan Street, to the fenced in back yard, there are delights aplenty.

During a recent Open House owner Arlene Kelly told mhn that the home was once owned by Patrick Feeney, an older brother of the late John Ford. Ford was a major movie director winning 6 Academy Awards and grew up at 21 Sheridan Street. There is a major statute of Ford in the west end of Portland.  When Kelly purchased the home in 2005, she was not aware of this fact.  But when she learned of this, she researched the matter thoroughly.  As it turns out, Patrick lived in the house for 30 years.  During this time, he managed his widowed sister’s fish market on Congress Street, somewhere near the bottom of Munjoy Hill.

When Kelly purchased the home eight years ago, it needed some updating.  She installed a Jazucczi bathroom upstairs for the two bedrooms on that floor.  She figures that she has invested about $50,000. since that time.  It’s 1,710 sq. ft. and Kelly who used to be in the real estate business believes it would suit the needs of two professionals or a family in the 20-40 year age group.

The price is $354,750.  Inquiries should be directed to Rita Yarnold, Bay Realty at 775-3838 or seller, Arlene Kelly, 251-2309.  There will be another Open House this Sunday, October 27, 2003 between 12 – 2 pm.