“Celebrity Summit” Third Ship to Use New Mega-birth; Pier 11 at Ocean Gateway


A View of Celebrity Summit at Pier 11 From Portland Yacht Services Today

By Carol McCracken (Post # 881)

“Celebrity Summit” arrived this morning at Portland’s new mega-birth; this grand liner carrying 2,038 passengers, was the third ship to use the city’s almost 1,200 ft long mega-birth – called Pier 11 – cost $6 million dollars to build.

Constructed by Reed & Reed and funded by a Maine Transportation bond, Pier 11 is expected to double the city’s berthing capacity for cruise ships and other large commercial vessels. It consists of a series of platforms and gangways affixed to four breasting, two fendering and two mooring dolphins. It is expected to be able berth some of the largest ships of the seas.

Mark Duckbee, project manager, Reed & Reed, said this was a fairly difficult project, although the company has built bridges and the Ocean Gateway itself four years ago. Due to low original bids for the project, the Maine Department of Transportation in partnership with the city was able to add additional features to the original design. According to Duckbee, that included a mooring dolphin that extended the length of the pier by 150 ft.; four powered capstans were added at a cost of about $25,000. each; and electrical and water lines were added as well. All told, about $800,000 worth of additions were added to the original plans for the mega-birth said Duckbee.

Despite the later opening date of the mega-birth due to the additions, Nicole Clegg, city spokesperson, said no berthing commitments were missed. The City did not plan for “double berthings” until now.

A grand opening reception is scheduled for later this month.

Meanwhile, Phin Sprague, Jr, Portland Yacht Services said of his new view: “I like this better than the dry docks, but I really liked the oil rigs best because I knew they were bring revenue into the city.”

For more background information, please see Post # 877 herein, dated 9/10/11.