Business Beat: Three Buoys Seafood Shanty & Grille Opening on East End By 12/1/12


Bill & Nikole Holler at the New Site of Three Buoys Seafood Shanty & Grille; Corner Washington & Cumberland Avenues

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,243)

East Enders will soon have another restaurant option from which to select according to Nikole and Bill Holler, owners of the soon-to-be Three Buoys Seafood Shanty & Grille.  The location is 111Cumberland Avenue – at the corner of Cumberland Avenue and Washington Street . (The site of the former Buffalo Wings restaurant.)  That’s where met them early this afternoon.

Bill has already opened one – Three Buoys –  restaurant in the York area and it has been very successful.  Formerly, he was a vice president of purchasing for Legal Sea Foods. Bill has an extensive 35 year career in the business.  Nikole is the operations manager for the restaurant.

All fresh seafood – grilled or fried –  will be the speciality here.  Fresh chicken will also be on the menu and chowders.  “It’s going to be like a New England chowder house,” said Bill who is from the Boston area originally.  This  menu will be in contrast with other restaurants in the area providing a welcome choice for seafood lovers. He will be going before the city council on November 19 to get a beer license – at a later date he may return for a wine license.  Three meals a day will be served.  And the food is gluten free.

The outside of the building has been repainted since Buffalo Wings’ departure.  It’s anticipated that any day now mural artist Alexander Kaminsky will start transforming  the exterior walls into an eye-catching underwater world; complete with fish, dolphins and other sea creatures.

The restaurant will seat 25 people at its capacity. Commercial delivery to businesses and hotels  in the area will be available as well from the start.  Three Buoys will be open 7 days a week from 9 am – 11 pm.  Bill plans to open by December 1st or earlier if possible.