Business Beat: Hilltop Coffee Shop Update…


By Carol McCracken   (Post # 295)

Luke MacFadyen has more than kept his promise to the community and to himself and so he’s moving on to pursue another interest of his.  He and his business partner, Jeremy House, promised to run the Hilltop Coffee Shop for one year.  That time has come and gone.  So, in July of this year, the two put the popular gathering spot up for sale.

In March of ’08, the Coffee Shop at 90 Congress Street opened its doors for business after spending the entire previous night moving from across Congress Street.  But that only happened after gutting  the interior and adding the  front windows.  The interior was finished with barn siding that House located.

“There are 3 or 4 local people seriously  interested in buying the property and the business,” said MacFadyen late this afternoon at the Shop.  Several are in the restaurant business already and several are not,” he added.  But so far no one has made an offer on the property which is listed at $450,00 with Jim Landry.

“We want very much to have the place remain as it is – a coffee shop.  70% of the business is done before noon,” MacFadyen said.  The co-owners do not want another restaurant in the neighborhood, but they would like to see the afternoon business enhanced by the sale of pizza or something of that nature.  There have been suggestions such as adding live music, an open mic as well.  “It’s priced to sell as a coffee shop,” MacFadyen said.

As for MacFadyen’s future plans, he is starting up a farm in Richmond where he expects to grow grain and possibly other products. 

“Too much coffee used to make me nervous.  Now I don’t drink any at all and I’m still nervous,” said MacFadyen laughing heartily.