Business Beat: Falmouth Flowers and Gifts, Owned by Hill Resident Dan Gifford


The Ribbon Rack

Dan Gifford, Falmouth Flowers & Gifts Owner, with Gerbera Daisies

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 793)

“I’m delighted to be  back on the Hill,” said Dan Gifford emphatically yesterday afternoon as he caught up on some paper work in his office at his recently relocated flower and gift store at 58 Washington Avenue.  Having moved into this new space just three weeks ago, Gifford said he  was  feeling pretty well settled in,  although he was in the midst of a search for his billing book – which he had not yet found admist the few remaining unpacked boxes in the basement.  “I can’t run a business without that, he said laughing as he disappeared into the basement for another look in the boxes.

Gifford who lives on the Hill owned Flowers on the Hill – a business  located on Congress Street for a total of four years and then at the former Harbor Scoops building, at the corner of Cumberland Avenue and Washington Avenue for another 2 years.  In 2005, he moved up to the Falmouth Shopping Center and went to work for Jan Bourdreao of Falmouth Flowers and Gifts.  Two years ago, she died and he bought the business from her estate. He just lost his lease there and this 975 sq. space caught his attention.  High school teacher and community activist Markos Miller owns the space.  “I’d rather rent from a teacher than from a business man,” said Gifford yesterday afternoon grinning.

Many of his accounts remain in Falmouth, but he’s pleased that they have all come with him.  He counts among his customers a nursing home, retirement homes and numerous small businesses on Route 1 in Falmouth.   It’s too early to tell for certain, but he also belives he’s picked up more business because of lots of foot traffic past his location at 58 Washington Avenue.  Next week will be another busy week because of  several high school graduations for which he will be arranging flowers. On this afternoon, he’s working by himself as two friends are out on deliveries – still looking for the elusive billing book that is “definitely  not”  in the boxes in the basement.

“Pretty soon I’ll have to start thinking about Christmas,” the 48 year old Gifford says to the surprise of who is flitting around the store smelling the wide array of  flowers – some in buckets  and others refrigerated in the retail division of the store.  “Christmas?”  For the past 11 years Gifford has participated in the decorating of the Victorian Mansion voluntered by local florists.  Most years he decorates a different room.  This year he’ll be decorating the upstairs sitting room.  Last year he decorated the dining room for the second year in a row.

Gifford is delighted to be back on the Hill and Markos Miller, his landlord, is delighted to have him as a tenant as well.  “I think the flowers  will bring some good cheer to the neighborhood.  Maybe it will even attract some other similar businesses.”

The phone number is:  207 781-5533. Please visit the website.