Business Beat: Christine Kiley, Dog Trainer & Dog Rescuer


Kit, Christine Kiley, and Andy. Christine is a Certified Canine Training Specialist

By Carol McCracken (Post # 615)

From a very early age, Christine Kiley has been training dogs – family dogs and the dogs of neighbors. “King” her family’s German Shephard was her first student when she was in the third grade and she says she was “hooked.”

Dogs need to learn to trust their owners before they can be taught to be good and happy household pets, Kiley said at the Hilltop Coffee Shop where we met last week. When they’ve earned your trust, there is so much that can be done to change their behavior and the relationship between the two of you, even though at times it may seem doubtful.

Andy and Kit are prime examples. Both are dogs that Christine and her husband, Dave rescued. Two years ago they rescued Andy from “Help Orphan Puppies,” in Kinderhook, NY. They drove to New York to rescue him. Andy was part of a litter at a shelter in North Carolina with a bleak future. Just four months ago the two rescued Kit through “Dogs Deserve Better” here in Maine. She had been found as a stray on the streets of Tennessee when she was 4 months old. She’s now about a year old. Both dogs exhibited difficult behaviors that not many people would have the patience or desire to work with. Last week at the Hilltop, Kit and Andy were the best behaved, most friendly and best companions to be around at this dog busy spot on the Hill; in spite of their troubled youths!

“With patience, kindness, time and training most adopted dogs are able to overcome their rocky beginnings. There are few things more satisfying than having a true canine companion. Especially one that has been given a second chance!” said Kiley. “They are not people and need to learn about boundaries from the start.” With Kit, Christine was able to focus on basic house rules, setting schedules and more that helped to make her less wary of her new home shortly after her arrival on the Hill.

Meanwhile, in addition to her full-time sales job in interior decorating, Kiley has continued to pursue her dog training in her spare time. She’s a certified Canine Training Specialist who trained in Texas. Her web page is It is still a work in progress. Or check her out on obedience. The phone number for Dog Wise Obedience is: 207 – 370 – 8474.