Bayside Bowl Expanding ’cause Public Services Moving Soon

Planned New Building for 71 Hanover Street.

Planned New Building for 71 Hanover Street.

State Senator Justin Alfond, (L), And Developers Ethan Boxer-Macomber at Meeting.  (M) and Peter Bass, (R)

State Senator Justin Alfond, (L), And Developers Ethan Boxer-Macomber  (M) and Peter Bass, (R) at Housing Meeting.

By Carol McCracken (Post # 2,305)

This evening the Housing and Community Development Committee gave its approval to a purchase and sale agreement for the property, 71 Hanover Street, to be sold to BOPO, LLC, Justin Alfond, Manager.  The expansion will add bowling lanes and space for Portland Community Squash that has been using racquetball courts at the Portland YMCA for its games.  The city will realize $340,018, from the sale of this property.  The City Council must approve the deal before it can proceed.

The City issued an RFP to sell the 15,102 sq. ft.   BOPO was the only one responding  to it.   However, the site is currently the home of the City’s satellite sand/salt operation.  State Rep. Justin speaking to the Committee said he’d like to see the city’s operation move from there by mid-April so he can break ground that same month.  Last year, the City Council approved a plan to move the Hanover Street public services operations to 212 Canco Road.  The move was put on hold for financial reasons. Acting City Manager Sheila Hill-Christian said that the city now has the money it needs to make the move to that new location. The city has agreed to vacate the property by June 15th.

“We are pleased to be at the forfefront of the revitalization of the Bayside area of Portland,” said state Rep. Alfond at the outset of the hearing.