Bateman Applies for Rezoning of Waterfront Property for Development


A Rendering of Proposed Development on the Portland Waterfront. Architect is David Lloyd.

The Parking Lot at 184 Commercial Street That May be Developed.

The Seasonal Portland Lobster Co. Restaurant Will be Razed for  a Public Space. as Part of the Redevelopment.

An application for a conditional rezoning of almost 2 acres of waterfront property at 184 Commercial Street has been received by the city’s planning division.

The application seeks approval of a 93 room hotel, additional building height, a setback modification from the high tide line and marine infrastructure investment.  No date has been set on the busy planning board’s agenda to address this rezoning application.

The application was filed by developer David Bateman, of Fisherman’s Wharf Development for the redevelopment of waterfront property that is mostly used currently as a parking lot.

Included in that almost 2 acres of parking lot  are the popular Portland Lobster Company restaurant, the Portland Harbor Fleet and Portland Discovery Land and Sea Tours.  A public space and pedestrian walkway are anticipated for that area.  It’s intended to provide more opportunity for water views.  According to the application, the parking lot is “underutilized and out of character” in view of the surrounding properties.

The first phase of development envisions a two level retail/office space fronting Commercial Street; a parking garage behind the foregoing building and a 93-room hotel with a restaurant on the first floor.  The second phase of the development will have a restaurant situated on the south side of the parking garage.

The proposed parking garage will provide metered and hourly parking to replace the existing 261 spaces.  There will also be adequate parking spaces to support the existing marine uses and proposed mixed-use development.  There will be a Dispatch Center that will serve as an additional  point of access for the public and will help to provide options for transport to and from the island communities; it will provide a water taxi service.  The amenities at the Center will provide a convenient and comfortable location for the public seeking different opportunities on the water according to the application.

For more information, please contact Barbara Barhydt, of the planning division at city hall, at 207 874-8699 or email her at:  Plans may be viewed on the 4th floor of city hall, planning department.  Please use ID# 2017-062 or CBL # 031 JO30001 to locate and  view the application and narrative.

3 thoughts on “Bateman Applies for Rezoning of Waterfront Property for Development

  1. What? Are we turning into Boston? Is commercial street going to become the same as Atlantic avenue? Sad….

  2. I find this to be a nice addition to the Portland waterfront. I wish there would be some development on these surface parking lots, particularly the areas bounded by Spring and Fore Streets, and also Top of the Old Port Parking. That space could be much better utilized.

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