Buckley & Lizotte Engaged on Valentine’s Day

Samantha Backley Shows Off Her Engagement Ring This Morning.

Samantha Buckley Shows Off Her Engagement Ring This Morning That Belonged to Her Fiancee’s Deceased Grandmother.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,309)

Samantha Buckley, 23, and Nathan Lizotte, 26, became engaged to be married this morning – Valentine’s Day – while at brunch  in the Old Port.

Buckley was raised in California, but moved to Portland several years ago.  Lizotte grew up in Madawaska where his family still lives.   They are Portland residents. Buckley is assistant manager of Claire’s at the Maine Maill in South Portland. Lizotte is a clinician.  The couple met on-line about l l/2 years ago.

They went to brunch this morning in the Old Port.  During their meal, Nathan got up and left the table as though to talk privately to one of his clients.  Rather, he returned with a bouquet of roses with the diamond ring in the middle of a white rose in the center of the arrangement.   “He asked me if I’d do him the honor of marrying him,” said Sam She said yes.  No hesitation. Buckley who is a poet, said her fiancee has a “poet’s heart” and that’s what appealed to her initially.  “He did it just right,” said Sam this afternoon.

The couple plans to be married within the next two years here in Portland.