Attorney General Frey Annnounces Distributuion of Settlement with TurboTax Owner, Intuit


Distribution of Settlement to Mainers Begins This Month.

Attorney General Aaron M. Frey today announed that consumers who were tricked by TurboTax’s owner Intuit into paying for free tax services will begin receiving checks from a $141 million multistate settlement announced in May of 2022.  Approximately 4.4 million consumers nationwide will receive checks in the mail from the multistate settlement.

Maine will receive more than $74,000 for over 24,000 residents who were tricked into paying to file their federal tax returns.  Eligible consumers will be contacted by email about the settlement.  Checks will be mailed throughout May of 2023.

“This was a classic bait and switch that harmed Maine consumers – promises of free service lured Mainers in, but the company knew that the services consumers needed actually cost money,” said Attorney General Frey.  “Citizens should be able to trust that advertisements mean exactly what they say, especially for services like tax filing that can be confusing and stressful.  I’m pleased that consumers deceived by Intuit’s false advertising wil begin receiving their financial compensation,”

The amount each consumer receives will be based on the number of tax years for which they qualify.  Most consumers are expected to receive between $29. and $30.  For more information about who is covered by the settlement and information about the settlement fund, please visit:  www.agTurboTax