Art Beat: Sculptor, Lin Lisberger, Show Opens @ 3fish Gallery


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,429)

Lin Lisberger, well-known Maine sculptor, is preparing to open a show of her newest work, Un-Knotting, at the 3fish Gallery later this week.  The opening reception for the show is on First Friday, June 7, from 5 pm – 8 pm. The show runs from June 6th until June 27th. The Gallery is located at 377 Cumberland Avenue, Portland.

Linsberger has exhibited her wood sculptures extensively in Maine galleries as well as in Massachusetts. Her mission statement says in part:  “I am predominantly a wood carver and have been for most of my sculpture career.  Over time my sculptures have echoed many images, but have always resonated with the attributes of wood.  Each sculpture is a sketch of a moment in time and space and the life of the tree.   My sculptures are carved directly from whole or laminated healthy native wood, or are constructed from carved parts…….Large, singular knots have become one recent focus of my work.  They are a challenging pleasure to carve and have a satisfhing clarity of form.  Their narrative is of both security and tangle, two fighting aspects of my life as a parent and artist.”

Interestingly, Lisberger is part of the process in procuring some of the internationally acclaimed wood carvings from the Estate of Bernard Langlais, Cushing, for Portland.  Lisberger, chairwoman of the Portland Public Arts Committee and are working with The Kohler Foundation to bring some of them to Portland.  Langlais, a Maine native, had an international reputation as a sculptor of wood, whimscal animals.  However, there is nothing whimscal about Lisberger’s work.

Lisberger also teaches sculpture and 3D design at the University of Southern Maine, Portland.    She lives on Munjoy Hill with her husband real estate developer, Peter Bass.  The couple has two adult, adopted children.

Please visit for more information on her work.