Annual Art on the Porch on Peaks Island Builds Community & Supports Artists

Annual Art on the Porch on Peaks Island Today.

Annual Art on the Porch on Peaks Island Today.


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,180)

The  annual Art on the Porch get together is as traditional to Peaks Island as American Pie is to the rest of the country –  well, sort of!   It builds community and gives artists on the Island an opportunity to exhibit and sell some of their creativity at the same time.  As always, the Art show is held at the 5th Maine Museum – on the porch as well as inside and on the front lawn. for more information on their activities.

The Museum was built in 1888 by survivors and their family members of the Civil War, according to Cynthia Mollus, organizer for this year’s Show.  It was intended to be a retreat and a memorial hall.  This year there are 40 vendors, each paying $25. for a table.  That money goes toward maintenance of the building which is a constant  work-in-progress.

No one seemed to know just how old this popular event; at least fifteen or twenty years old.  But on a glorious day on the Maine coast – who’s counting?!

(According to the web page, starting in the 1890’s Peaks Island became a tourist attraction providing all types of accommodations, entertainments and other facilities. “16 hotels and inns, and hundreds of cottages were built; 3 summer theaters and an amusement park were established, dozens of shops and restaurants lined the streets…and a dance hall was established ….. Twelve steam boat lines brought thousands of visitors to Peaks daily during the short summer season.  The press labeled Peaks Island the “Coney Island of Maine.” )