Alleged Baby Abduction at Grocery Store Ruled “Mistake”


Portland Police Chief Michael Sauschuck.

What was believed to be an intentional abduction of a two-month old baby at Hannaford Supermarket, 295 Forest Avenue, on Friday, October 20 has now been ruled a “mistake” by the Portland Police Department.

Just after 1:00 pm on October 20, staff at the popular chain store were alerted by a parent of his missing baby at the store.  The father was in the produce department with his two-month old baby in a seat that was in the shopping cart.  While he was momentarily distracted, the cart with the baby in it, disappeared according to the press release issued by the Portland Police Department earlier today.

A review of store surveliance video showed the man in the produce department leave his original cart and accidentally take the cart containing the baby.  He realized his mistake within a minute, but had already traveled across the store.  He returned to the produce department, collected his original cart, leaving the cart with the baby in it in the bread aisle.  The man told the police he panicked when he realized what he’d done and, regretably did not inform store employees of the situation.

The District Attorney’s General office has reviewed the incident and determined that while it was terrifying for the parent, there was no apparent criminal intent.  Store videos have showed that the baby was missing for a very short time, as stressful as it was for the parent, and that at no time was the baby injured or in any way harmed.