AG Janet Mills Urges YES Vote on Question 2 Tomorrow


AG Janet Mills in Portland Recently Following a Speaking Engagement at USM.  AG Mills Has Announced She is Running for Governor in the Next Election.

The Logo for the AG’s Campaign for Governor.

“For too long, Maine has left billions of federal dollars on the table, while the governors of 31 other states (including 17 Republicans and now Vice President Mike Pence) have taken advantage of this opportunity.  The evidence is overwhelming that the states that took advantage of  the expansion have seen lower healthcare costs, healthier citizens, more stable hospital systems and stronger economic growth.  It’s past time for Maine to receive our fair share,” AG Mills wrote in a press release issued from her campaign office today.

First, medicaid expansion will put Maine hospitals on a more stable financial funding; Second, the passage of Question 2 will create jobs and strength the Maine economy, and Three, the passage of Question 2 will save lives.  Approximately, 70,000 Maine people will gain access to health insurance and in turn be able to access regular doctor’s visits, vaccinations and other forms of preventive care.

In particular, increased access to addiction treatment and counseling are critical as we confront the opoid epidemic across our state.