A&C Soft Opening Today; “Just Because You Put Lipstick on a Pig…”


Lisa McWilliams, a Full-Time Employee at A&C Grocery, 131 Washington Avenue, Today.

“Just because you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.”  In other words, you can’t take the rude out of the crude.  MHN.com learned that first hand when visiting  A&C Grocery, 131 Washington Avenue, to celebrate its soft opening today.

“We didn’t want to have a grand opening today. It’s more of a soft opening,” said the gracious Lisa McWilliams, a full-time employee of A&C Grocery,  “This is going to be a one-stop shop.  If you need something to fix for dinner on any night, shoppers can stop here and get last minute items.”

The shelves are not fully stocked yet, but will  be in the coming days.  So far there are fresh produce, dairy products, beer, wine and some good old staples on the shelves.  At a later date, meat will be added as well as a deli in the back room according to McWilliams, who lives nearby.  The building has undergone an extensive renovation by its owner. That appears to be on-going.  The inside is bright and light, an attractive and appealing place to be.

Joe Fournier, a former manager at Rosemont Bakery  on the Hill,  is the business owner.  The building is owned by the Edwards family.

An interview with a potential customer ended abruptly when the pig. wearing red lipstick, wallowed into the store.  It was in an ugly, ugly mood.  Looking for a Fight It Was.  It Was.

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