“Abortion is on the Ballot,” said Governor Mills Urging Voting at Massive Portland Rally


Governor Janet T. Mills (D) Urges Supporter to Vote on Tuesday,a November 8th in a Rousing Speech at Monument Square Late Today.

Maine State Majority Leader Ryan Fecteau, (D) Speaking at “Get Out the Vote” Rally in Portland. In Blue Jacket in Rear, is Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D), Who Spoke as Well.  At Far Right, is Nicole Clegg, of Planned Parenthood, Who Facilitated the Rally.

Reza Jalali, Executive Director of the Immigrant Welcome Center, at the Pro-Abortion Rally Today. He held a Day of Democracy on October 20, for Voters.  About 100 People Attended he Said Today.  Half were Immigrants.  Please Visit Post Herein Dated October 16, 2022 for More Information. on the Event.

Some of the Democratic Supporters at the Pro-Abortion Rally in Monument Square This Afternoon.

“Get out there and vote!”  Governor Janet T. Mills (D) urged almost 300 supporters at a  Portland rally billed as a “get out the vote” event with only a week remaining until election day on Tuesday, November 8th.  “We will get it done.  But we need you to get out and vote,” the Governor repeated.

Although the Governor has a slight lead over Paul LePage, she is  taking no chances on letting this advantage slip  away from her in the closing days of the campaign. “Abortion is on the ballot,” she said and has articulated since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade earlier this year.

The Governor was the last speaker in an All Star line up of Maine politicans and abortion advocates from all over the state who spoke up on the importance of defeating Paul LePage next week in the voting booth.

“We won’t go back,” repeated the Governor, referring to the election of Paul LePage,for a third term as Governor of Maine.  A phrase that became a chant by abortion supporters in the energized crowd.

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D) told the energized crowd:  “This should not be happening.  We should not have to fight for this.  Roe v. Wade was settled law.”  She said that she remembered before abortion became legal. “I was so angry when the Dobbs decision came down.  I’ve been able to grow up with these health care rights.  The Republicans have had this goal in mind for a long time.  Now that they have caught the bus, they don’t want you to know.”

Mattie Daughty, Assistant Majority Leader, said:  “This is a man who has attended anti-abortion rallies in support of them.”  Although he now tries to give the impression to Maine women and their allies that he is on our side she emphasized, he’s not.  He is not pro-choice.

Susan Johnston, who had an abortion in 1963 when she was 17 and before it was legal, urged everyone not to stay silent.  “Get out and vote,” she urged.  “Abortion is legal in Mane.  But this is no time to relax.  I don’t want my grandchildren to ever go through what I did.” For other women at the Rally, memories of pre Roe days became vivid as the Rally developed into an hour long event.

Cathy Chapman, 73, told this blogger following the pro-choice rally that she had a friend, Patti, in College who became pregnant while they were seniors at Clark University.  Patti was from upstate New York. It was before abortion was legal.  Her boyfriend’s family arranged for her to have an abortion in New York City.  It was a “back alley” abortion – badly botched – so much so that she was unable to have any children.  “Everything was illegal,” Cathy said.  “It was around 1970.  It was the beginning of the women’s movemeht.”  Cathy voluntered in a campaign to get the late Senator Ed Muskie elected to office.  A social worker, she has always been involved in politics.  Her college experiene with Patti guaranteed that.

“If we don’t preserve our democracy, then we can’t solve all our other problems,” said MIke Kupfer, prior to the start of the rally that started at 4:00 pm at Monument Square this afternoon.  He and his wife Melissa were early arrivals at the pro-abortion rally hosted by Planned Parenthood.  Nicole Clegg, Senior VP at Planned Parenthood facilitated the Rally.

Last month, the “Bangor Daily News” endorsed Governor Janet T. Mills (D), the first woman governor of Maine and its first woman AG, for reelection citing her leadership skills as well as the fact that her priorities align with the needs of Maine people.  The Editorial Board scrutinized Paul LePage’s record and referred to him as “crass” and often “offensive” and that he disregarded the votes of Maine voters but the wishes of Maine lawmakers in Augusta.  However, the “Portland Press Herald” has taken a pass on endorsing one of the candidates in the upcoming election. Maybe the local newspaper is waiting until November 9th to endodrse the winner? (Please visit post herein dated October 27, 2022 for the complete endorsement of the Editorial Board  at the “BDN.”)

On October 31, 2022, the Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows announced that the number of absentee ballot requests for the upcoming November 8th election had already surpassed the total number of requests for ballots from the 2018 general election.  Secretary Bellows also reported that of the 211,235 voters who have requested ballots, Democrats lead the way in requests with 107, 664 requests.  That announcement came with three more full days for voters to request absentee ballots.  (For more details on the announcement, please visit post herein dated October 31, 2022)

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