‘Munjoy Hill Tavern’ Opening Soon; Replaces ‘Mama’s CrowBar’

Munjoy Hill Tavern to Open Next Week (Formerly Crow's Nest)

Munjoy Hill Tavern to Open Next Week (Formerly Crow’s Nest)  The Sign Depicts Landmarks in the Area.

Some of the Kitchen at Munjoy Hill Tavern Opening Next eek.

Some of the Kitchen at Munjoy Hill Tavern Opening Next Week Including a Pizza Oven on the Left.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,643)

The eagerly awaited  opening of the Munjoy Hill Tavern, on Congress Street,  is expected to happen next week, albeit a soft

The New Bar in the Tavern

The New Bar in the Tavern

opening, without a lot of fanfare and hoopla.  All permits needed  to open from the city and state have been secured.

The new Tavern replaces the former “Mama’s CrowBar” a popular bar that was well publicized when it closed in September of 2015. The Bar’s name came from all the crows on the Hill.  Henley’s daughter often worked with her at the Bar.

Business owner and a poet Tricia Henley, turned a dive bar into a thriving bar supported by many different facets of the community.  It was a hangout for some of the USM, Portland, faculty. Since Henley’s  lease was not renewed by brothers Shane and Stan Dobson,  property owners, the building has undergone an extensive renovation  – sometimes  interrupted by other priorities. . Stan will run the bar. (Please visit Post # 2,408, dated September 7, 2015 for more background information herein on the subject.) Previously, it was known as ‘Awful Annie’s, named for its then owner, a former newspaper editor from New Jersey.

Renovations of the property have occurred off and on periodically since its closure.  The building was largely gutted and the new bar has been placed on the other side of the room. A kitchen has been constructed in the back of the Tavern. Lisa Napolitno will  manage the kitchen. Pub food including pizza and sandwiches will be served.  The renovations have been on steroids in the past several months to open for the summer season.

Munjoy Hill Tavern will serve lunch and dinner every day that will be prepared in the new kitchen at the back of the bar – a new service provided for which Mama’s Crow Bar was not licensed.  The stunning floors are hardwood – made from bleachers once at the Expo.  The bar itself is made of pine.  There is an outdoor area for smoking and it is anticipated that outdoor dining will come along as well in time.

“We could open today,” said the Tavern carpenter.  “But we just need to do some finishing up here.”  Like hanging the handsome new sign on the outside of the new Tavern.

The Tavern will be open seven days a week.  Cheers !