Former Cutler Supporters Unite Behind Michaud to Unseat Gov. Paul LePage

Bobby Monks, Jr., Moderator of United Behind Michaud

Bobby Monks, Jr., Moderator of United Behind Michaud

John Coleman, CEO of VIA Agency:  "Weneed every cent we can get here.  And Michaud knows where to find it."

John Coleman, CEO of VIA Agency: “We need every cent we can get here. And Michaud knows where to find it.”

Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,214)

“I’m an odd duck.  I’m a registered Republican and a long-time Cutler supporter,” said Jim Shaffer this morning at a press conference at Ocean Gateway Visitors Center, Portland.  “We can ill afford four more years of LePage.  He has not brought jobs into Maine.  It’s  not the least of two candidates.  Michaud can bring people together.  Michaud will get my vote,” he added. Shaffer, a retired educator and former CEO of the Guy Gannet Company, was one of a number of professionals who came together this morning to announce their intention to vote for Congressman Mike Michaud (D) in the election that is fast approaching.

“I am pleased to be here with others who are former Eliot Cutler supporters who, like me, think that he has many good ideas and know-how,” said Bobby Monks, a local businessman.  “But Mike Michaud is strong on women’s rights, strong on the environment, and brings a creative vision for business and economic development for the state of Maine.  If we join together, we can defeat Paul LePage

John Coleman, CEO of the VIA Agency, a nationally recognized advertising firm in Portland said:  “I don’t like politics, but I love entrepreneurs!  I started with an open mind and I’ve now concluded that a vote for Eliot is a vote for LePage.  We need a different governor.  LePage is an embarrassment to the State.” Coleman who said Michaud recently visited his offices was impressive.  “He knew his stuff, he knows where the federal and out-of-state dollars are.  We in Maine need every cent we can get here.  And, he’s a nice guy,” Coleman concluded.

“Up until three days ago, I was an Eliot Cutler supporter,” said Emily Springer, a local business strategy consultant.  “But with only one week lelft….and the stakes as high as they’ve ever een, I’m switching my vote in order to defeat Paul LePage…..I’m uniting behind Michaud to defeat LePage.  …He may not be my first choice, but he’ll be a governor who can help us work together again, find common ground, move Maine forward and restore the dignity that’s been lost.”

“Since LePage took office four years ago I have been shocked by his attitude, his remarks and his flagrant disregard for the office he holds,” said Layne Gregory, a women’s health advocate from Falmouth.  “But those feelings pale in comparison to the impact his policies have had on Maine women and families.  His views are extreme, dangerous and out of touch with the overwhelming majority of Mainers.  Four years ago I voted for Eliot Cutler, but with so much a stake this year, it’s time for us to unite for Maine because we cannot afford another four years of Paul LePage’s extreme agenda.”

editor’s note:  there is an unconfirmed rumor that even former President Jimmy Carter and former Senator George Mitchell have  asked Eliot Cutler to step aside since he’s running a distant third and could end up being a spoiler in the race.