Writer Lincoln Paine Celebrates Small Business Day at Longfellow Books

Author Lincoln Paine and His New Release "The Sea & Civilization."

Author Lincoln Paine and His New Release “The Sea & Civilization.”

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,624)

Writer Lincoln Paine joined seven other Maine writers at a celebration of Small Business Day at the popular  bookstore, Longfellow yesterday in downtown Portland.  Paine, a Munjoy Hill resident, had plenty to celebrate on his own; the October release of his important new book – “The Sea & Civilization.”   It took Paine 8 years to research and write he said at the event.

The three-year old event, Small Business Day, is intended to encourage the public to frequent small, local businesses.  Toward this end two officials from the Obama administration attended and purchased armloads of books said book store co-owner Chris Bowie. Gina McCarthy, is an administrator with the Environmental Protection Agency and the other, Jeanne Hulit, is an administrator with the Small Business Administration.  “I prefer women politicians because they “get it” –  on an emotional level.  They use their emotions and intellect to make decisions.  Men hide their feelings,” said Bowie at the end of a busy day.

Paine said the most challenging part of writing his book was organizing all the material.  “Trying to create a narrative thread that people could follow was a challenge.The book covers 50,000 years of maritime history. This is one of the oldest activities in our world,” he said. Much of his research was done at the Columbia University Library.  His undergraduate degree in Latin came from Columbia.  He knew that focus would help him to be an editor which he was until he reached his 30s.  Writing about maritime history was always a goal of his, but he waited until he had something to write about. There were times when he felt like quitting because of the scope of the project.  But he had so much invested in the project, he had to keep going forward. Paine is contemplating a book on rivers in the future, but it’s premature to elaborate on the idea.

“There was a big push for this book.  It was released this time of the year because this is the time of the year that significant books are released.  It’s great for gift giving and winter is a good time to read because of the weather here in Maine,” Bowie said.

The book costs $40. per copy and autographed copies are available at Longfellow Books.  Paine expects the book to come out in paper back within the next year or so.  It’s currently advertised in the December issue of “The Atlantic” magazine which is an indicator of its prominance in the publishing field.