UPDATED: Women’s March in Portland January 19th; More to Protest Than EVER!


The second Women’s March in Portland is set for Saturday, January 19, 2019 beginning at 11:00 am at Congress Square Park. It is suggested that marchers be at the start of the March by 10:45 am to join it.

Donald Trump Has Been Under Investigation by the FBI for Working for the Russians According to “The New York Times” Today.

The March will proceed down Congress Street to City Hall Plaza for a brief rally. Based on the latest news on Donald Trump, there is a lot to protest next Saturday.

The 2017 March upstaged Trump’s inauguration. Now with our democracy in peril, let’s march together to protest injustice and give hope for the changes that our nation and our planet need and deserve.


Rally4Justice will open the Parish Hall at 425 Congress Street from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm to support this year’s Women’s March offering warmth, refreshments, a place to talk and restrooms. Rally4Justice needs a set-up crew, donated refreshments, (like beverages, cookies, vegges and other finger snacks), greeters, a coffee-maker, bell-ringers, and a clean-up crew.

Please contact Angus Ferguson (Angus@angusFerguson.com or 207 – 749-6618 to volunteer. Volunteers for set-up and refreshments can stop by early around 10:00 am and then head up to the March.

First Parish has big coffee pots in need of good ground coffee. Tea bags and hot chocolate mix will be appreciated. A couple folks can take names and email addresses for notice of future events. Sign up to ring the church bell loud along the route as the March passes by on Congress Street. Or you can help with clean-up after the City Hall Rally breaks up. By about 2:00 pm, the Parish Hall has to be spic and span for a wedding party.

Signs on jars will ask for donations to raise $100. for use of the Parish Hall. Rally4Justice is a group of friends and members of First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church. Thank you in advance for whatever you can contribute – including your presence.

Please see post dated January 21, 2017 for information on the Portland Women’s March. At that March, at least 10,000 participated, starting on Munjoy Hill. Please also see post herein dated January 6, 2019 – ‘Senator Collins: We Are Coming for your Senate Seat.”

Note: This blogger is still stunned by the news in today’s “The New York Times” and reported on cable television late last night. Assuming there is truth to the report and why wouldn’t there be, we may now know a lot more about what Putin has over Trump. Legal and investigative experts you may have seen on cable television as well, have said it would take more than his “behavior” to initiate an investigation of Trump by the FBI. There must be more background evidence, such as intercepts, emails, perhaps even evidence from our allies and more, to spark such an effort by the FBI. Makes so much sense. Unfortunately.