Women Rally at Monument Square to Get Out the Vote Against Trump


Kim Simmons, an Organizer of the Womens March Portland Rally at Monument Square Today.  She is Holding Mini-Posters Displaying That Message.

A Sentiment Shared by Many Critics of the Trump Administration

Three Members of a Nine Member Band That Serenaded the Rally with Appropriate Music for the Occasion!

About 100 people rallied at Monument Square early this afternoon emphasizing how important it is to vote in next month’s election according to Kim Simmons, one of the organizers of the Women’s March Portland event.

Voters are responding in unprecedented numbers alreading casting record number of  votes in Portland and across the nation.  One count is that over 22 million people have cast their votes across the nation already – bad news for the Trump-Collins 2020 ticket.

And there are so many reasons to vote against the Trump-Collins Republican ticket.  Trumpy is the most corrupt president ever – that’s well established and nothing new.  He needs to be voted out of office so that he can face the justice system instead of  using his office to avoid prosecution.

Following his routing from office, Trumpy could spend the rest of his life fighting prison time.  It’s mindful of Vice President Spiro Agnew, vp under President Richard Nixon. For those too young to remember, Agnew was forced to resign from office prior to Nixon’s resignation because of his crimes.  He spent the rest of his life consumed with fighting the justice system trying to stay out of jail for his corruption. His attorneys succeeded. He stayed out of prison.  But his ability to earn a living was severely restricted.  Trumpy faces a similar struggle and he knows it. Without the protections of office, he faces a risky future.  That’s one reason he’s acting so unpresidential.

Today’s Portland rally was one of numerous held across the country to protest the re-election of Trumpy and his nomination for the US Supreme Court.  All fifty states held events with over 400 events therein.

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