Woman Assaulted in Old Port Early This Morning


A 32 year old woman was assaulted after being followed through the Old Port on Monday, January 13, around 12:30 am.  The woman was walking on Fore Street when she sensed a person following her as she walked past Silver Street.

Sensing his presence, she became uneasy and started walking faster.  The subject also began walking faster and getting closer to her.  In the area of Fore Street and Center Street, he ran up to her, struck her with a closed fist knocking her to the ground and then fled on foot back toward Union Street.  There is no known motive for this assault.

The make was described as 5 7 and wearing a backpack,

The victim had facial injuries that were treated by paramedics.

If you have any information on this assault, please call the Portland Police Department, at 207 – 874-8575.