Will Trumpy Fire the Supreme Court Too?


Paul Manoff, Westbrook Resident, With His Handmade Sign at a Rally in Monument Square Several Years Ago.

This Face Mask Sums up the Year 2020 by a Portland Resident Recently Shopping at Walmarts, Falmouth! Anyone Disagree?!

As expected, the US Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit filed by GOP politicians, led by the Texas attorney general Ken Paxton, saying that Texas had no standing in the suit against four states and that the Court would not permit the case even to be filed in the clerk’s office of the court.  Court watchers waited much of the day for the news  that finally came very late in the day or early evening.

In other words, Texas has no say in how other states conduct their lawsuits. Texas vs. Pennsylvania Et Al went down in flames early this evening.  The other states named as defendants were Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin.

The vote was 7 – 2 with Justices Alito and Thomas the two dissenting votes in the decision. Their dissenting vote was based on their belief that the Court should have allowed the lawsuit to be filed with the court.

It was a one page dissent with two sentences in the order.

Yesterday, Maine’s Attorney General Aaron. Frey announced that he had joined a coalition of 23 attorneys general opposed to the Texas lawsuit that tried to invalidate the November 2020 election that Joe Biden was elected the next president of the US.

Some experts say that because Paxon is under investigation, he has led this frivolous lawsuit in order to earn a pardon from Trumpy from his crimes.

Will Trumpy try to fire the Supreme Court as he usually does when anyone disagrees with him?