Whose On First? No One, Yet!


Mayor Kate Snyder Has Remained Silent on the Pandemic So Far.

This blogger has reached out to multiple sources for an update on the coronavirus in Portland.    There has been one response to these emails – so brief in its response to force this blogger to wonder why.  Is there something that needs to be hidden from the public?  Probably not, but why the brevity?  Maybe the record keeping is poorly incomplete.

Meanwhile, Morning Consult (MC) has once again issued its daily report on consumer sentiment because of the coronavirus.  Follows a tiny excerpt from this morning’s report:

Persistent Fall in Consumer Confidence: Consumer confidence declined yet again on Sunday for the seventh consecutive day.

Consumers Worry About Future Wages and jobs:  An increasing percentage of US consumers expect to be doing worse off financially twelve months from now.

Isn’t this pandemic reason enough to vote No on # 1 on Tuesday,March 3rd?  Vaccines matter to everyone.