Washington State Senior Citizen Diagnosed With Covid-19; Where’s Portland’s Mayor?


Health & Human Services Secretary Alex Azar at a Recent Press Conference with Trumpy Looking on.

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Washington State has probably been a breeding ground for Covid-19 for over a month according to a report published in The Washington Post today and other news sources. The analysis of a Washington State patient diagnoses appears to have contracted the virus through community transmission because of a lack of overseas travel by him.  Most likely there are hundreds of infections in Washington because it has been an incubator for six weeks.  The diagnosed patient is elderly with underlying health problems.

“And yet, the lack of consistent, reliable and regularly updated information on the key measures of this outbreak is startling.  In an era when we get flash-flood warnings on phones and weekly influenza statistics from every state, why is data on the new coronavirus so limited?” wrote Elizabeth Rosenthal in an op piece yesterday in THE NEW YORK TIMES.  Her piece continues:  “There is a tradition in China (and probably much of the world) for local authorities not to report bad news to their superiors….”

The elderly, particularly with underlying health issues,  are considered to be especially vulnerable to infections such as this.  Children less so.

Why does the Mayor of Portland remain silent on the subject?  Is she still in training?  Serving as Mayor is more than counting pennies in the budget, although that is her forte.