Washington Avenue Sewer Separation Project Gets Underway April 2nd; One Year in Duration


Electronic Sign in Place on Washington Avenue Suggesting Alternate Route,.

Beginning on Monday, April 2, D&C Construction, will begin work on a sewer separation project – within Walnut Street, North Street, Washington Avenue and Madison Street to reduce combined sewer overflow in Back Cove.  This construction is in compliance with EPA requirements.

The project is expected to be completed in the spring of 2019.

The project includes the installation of new storm drains and sewer mains that will help improve and protect the water quality in Back Cove and Casco Bay, upgrade the areas drinking water systems and improve two pedestrian crossings at Fox/Walnut and Monroe Streets. New pavement is included along Walnut Street and Washington Avenue at the end of the project and new underground conduits will be installed to address future traffic needs at the intersection of Walnut, Fox and Washington Avenue.

During the project working hours on Washington Avenue will be from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm.  The roadway will remain open, but there will be one lane open at times and flaggers and construction ongoing.  There may be times when motorists may experience traffic delays due to construction activities.  If possible, seek alternate routes to avoid delays.  Parking restrictions will also be in place along Washington Avenue.

The city is working with the construction company to limit work on Washington Avenue to a minimum between July 4th and Labor Day.

The project engineer for the city is Nathaniel Smith.  He can be reached at 207 – 874-8818 or at nhs@portlandmaine.gov.  Project manager for D&C Construction is:  Rene Perron and he can be reached at 207 247-6023.  The cost of the project is estimated at $1,942,000.