Two Townhouses Replacing Former Ferrante Home on the Hill


Roland Morrison & Pierre Vial at the Site of Two New Townhouses

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,333)

It’s a big dig now, but by this time next year, there will be two  upscale townhouses filling it said architect Pierre Vial. Earlier this week Vial was visiting 9 – 11 St. Lawrence Street the site of his latest architectural development and second in Maine.  A contractor had begun to lay the concrete foundation as Vial watched with Roland Morrison and his son, Joshua, owners of the PP Morrison Builders, Inc.

Vial, who is French, moved to Maine from near Paris about seven years ago, because his Maine born wife missed home.  As a child she and her family had summered in Biddeford Pool. In recent years, Charlotte  wanted to return to her roots.  The couple met in Paris years ago when Pierre was an architural student and Charlote was studying French there.  Their children were grown and living in the States.  All good reasons to return home to Maine.

Each townhouse will be 2,000 sq. feet and have three bedrooms with 2 l/2 baths.  Each  will have three stories with an elevator.  Vial is making a special effort to keep the townhouses “in character” with the neighborhood.  With that in mind, the exterior will be painted wood.  Some other details remain to worked out, but they will be energy efficient regardless.  Prices are not yet available and a real estate company has not yet been selected by the  Vial.

This is his second project since Vial and his wife moved to Maine.  The other is a single family home on the coast of Maine – Pemaquid Point.  “We were sitting in the living room one day and could see whales heading north,” he said.

The couple built a lakeside retreat on Kezar Lake which was featured in the November issue of “MaineHome+Designs.”  If we didn’t have that retreat, “I’d wouldn’t mind living on the Hill,” said Vial.  He’d been looking for a place to build on for several years and he learned of the former Ferrante home last year.  When the estate was settled with  the many Ferrante heirs, the land became available for sale.

With the economy improving and the desirability of living on Munjoy Hill constantly on increase  as well, don’t be surprised if Vial decides to build in this area again.  “You never know,” he said laughing several days ago.

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