“Two Fat Cats Bakery” Relocating in March 2019


Baker Colin Scott Cutting Pie at “Two Fat Cats” Today.

Scrumptous Pies are a Speciality at “Two Fat Cats” on India Street.

“Two Fat Cats Bakery”is relocating to Lancaster Street in Portland at the end of March 2019.  Currently the immensely popular Bakery is tucked away at 47 India Street and there is also one located at 740 Broadway Street in South Portland that will not be affected according to baker Colin Scott this afternoon.

The reason for the relocation stems from a rent increase from the landlord Lois. (Mhn.com has had interactions with her son, Joe, a manager at the Boulos Company and they were not pleasant).

The 175 Lancaster Street location will have seating for customers who would like to linger a while over their pie or cookies in a pleasant surrounding according to Scott who attended culinary school in Rhode Island.  The much larger space could permit their menu to expand as well.

“Two Fat Cats” has received wide recognition nationally for its baking traditions and techniques.  Some pr has appeared in “The Boston Globe”, “Yankee Magazine,” Conde Nast Traveler, “People Magazine” “Bon Appetit” and “The New York Times.”

The India Street bakery is closed on Monday.


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  1. Hi Munjoy Hill News,

    Thanks so much for the article on our move to Lancaster Street. However, I need to make a correction regarding our landlord and the reason for our departure. Lois’ Naturals is not our landlord. Likewise, increased rent is not the reason we decided to leave this location. Regrettably, it is just too small for us and would not allow us to grow into the future. Our landlord has been nothing but supportive, honest and great about it. We leave India Street with fond memories and a solid relationship with our landlord.

    Hope this helps to shed some light on our move. And, hope to see familiar faces at the new location!

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